Barista Crash Course - From Bean to Cup!

  • The Fumbally Stables Fumbally Ln Dublin 8 Ireland

Learn the rudiments of barista skills - from espresso extraction, to milk steaming, to efficient workflow - this class provides clear first steps for the budding barista.

In this course, participants will learn:

  • 'Cupping' - An exploration of the natural flavours in Coffee
  • A short history of Coffee and bean breakdown
  • Essential Machine Maintenance
  • Grinders: How to set up and how they impact taste
  • How to dose, tamp and brew - Do's and Don't
  • Extracting the perfect Espresso
  • Chemistry of Steaming Milk and Milk steaming Techniques
  • Fundamental 'Latte Art' Techniques and pours
  • Breakdown of Coffee Bar menu
  • Tips for effective workflow