All things Aeropress: A Primer

The Aeropress - from those just entering the world of speciality-level home brewing to seasoned stalwart baristas, what began as a novelty brewer has become a necessity for anyone looking to make delicious coffee practically anywhere.

It's not surprising - it's more affordable and durable than many of its brewer siblings, travels well, & is very forgiving when brewing coffee (read: tasty results from the get-go!).

Because of this popularity (and because we're hosting this year's Irish Aeropress Championship), we've compiled a handy, comprehensive list on all things Aeropress!

Inception: Alan Adler & the Invention of the Aeropress

"A Good, Single Serve Coffee for Myself" - Sprudge's interview with Aeropress inventor Alan Adler is Aero-focused & to the point. Start here.

The Invention of the Perfect Cup of Coffee - For those who want to know more about Alan Adler himself, Steven Levy's write up on Backchannel is as thorough as it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Inventor Portrait: Alan Adler! - For those more visually-inclined, this video about Alan Adler from David Friedman gives a great snapshot in just over 6 minutes. Excellent.

Ristretto | Aeropress - I enjoy Oliver Strand's writing style, & his write-up on the Aeropress for the New York Times adds to the enjoyment.

In it to Win it: Competition & Champions

World Aeropress Championship - Yes, there is a yearly competition to see who is the best Aeropress brewer IN THE WORLD. Now entering its 8th year, this is the place to find details about the Aeropress competitions in your country (or how to hold one in your country if there isn't one yet)!

Antipodean AeroPress - Candid interview with Dylan Johnson, the 2014 New South Wales & Australian Aeropress Champion. Interesting perspective & tips from an Aeropress competitor!

Infinite Possibilities: Brew Guides

Brew Methods - This site is an excellent resource for multiple filter methods - Aeropress included. For those looking for a one-stop shop for the range of Aeropress brew methods, head here first.

Aero-app - But what if you want to see a hefty range of Aeropress methods as a minimalist app for your phone? Head here, instead.

Barista AeroPress Recipe Encyclopaedia - BUT what if you ALSO want to see a range of Aeropress methods as an all-in-one single page graph? Go here, then.

Tim Wendelboe Aeropress Method - An Aeropress brewing video by Tim Wendelboe (with some help from Barry White). Sexy.

Mistobox Aeropress Method - Instructional and beautiful, similar to Tim's - but this time it's inverted (with the method, I mean).

Vice Coffee Aeropress Method - We love the filter coffee at Vice - here's their method in a stylish PDF.

Sweet Maria's Aeropress Method - For those a bit more old school in methodology (think along the lines of the instructions that come in the Aeropress box), this will be your pace.

Ceremony Coffee Aeropress Method - Comes with a downloadable brew recipe card. Sweet.

Top 3 Aeropress Methods from the 2009 World Aeropress Championship - By now, you may have noticed that an Aeropress recipe and method can vary. Among the top 3 winners here that was no exception. According to Tim Wendelboe, "Generally, Alex’s brews had an intense fruit character with a heavy winey body. Ben’s however, showed transparency with crisp; citric acidity and floral notes. Lukasz delivered an extremely rounded and balanced cup." Perhaps this will offer a bit of guidance in finding your recipe of choice?

Intricacies: Fine-tuning & Technical Readings

AeroPress Filter Comparison: The Big Test! - Those who've been honing their brew skills know the importance of your filter choice. This article explores the pros and cons of the most common Aeropress filters available.

#aeropress on Barista Hustle - Still want more? Questions left unanswered? Join the conversation here for any needs this humble omnibus hasn't sated. 


I hope this helped with your Aeropress history & techniques - happy brewing!

(And to our coming Aeropress competitors in April - good luck!)