Classes & Workshops

We here at FDC understand the difficulties involved in running any coffee operation, which is why we’ve come up with such varied courses to help you. From novice baristas to managers or owners there is always more to learn!

Here’s some of the classes we offer:

Introduction to Coffee (SCAE-accredited)

Barista Skills (SCAE-accredited)

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

Brewing (SCAE-accredited)

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Professional

Latte Art Workshops

Intro to Cupping

Modern Home Brewing Workshops

Please see our Class Calendar for full class list, further information, & prices.


Private Sessions

Looking for something more specific, tailored to your needs, & more fitting to your schedule? No problem! Our trainers are available for private sessions, starting at €100/hr. 


Restaurants – Cafés

We love to see how different places operate and meet the people involved, but we also know it’s sometimes hard to get into the classroom. While our space is available for private training sessions for staff teams, we also offer on-site training for cafes and restaurants where we can help with the following:  


Staff training

Coffee Menu Design



Workspace/Workflow Management

Systems analysis

Coffee Distribution (see our Wholesale page for more)


Event Baristas

We love teaching and talking about coffee - along with taking the opportunity to brew it, ourselves!

We have a team of highly skilled and passionate baristas ready to give your event or your customers a taste of the finest. Please contact for more info.


Competition Training/Coaching

Barista competitions are a great learning experience and are becoming more and more popular in the Irish Barista community (as well as an excellent barometer for Barista standards).

Deciding to enter can be quite daunting for the newbie, but with our knowledge and experience (we’ve all competed at one time and some are currently national judges for these competitions, too) we aim to help you nail your coffee and presentation to the highest standards.


Coffee Distribution

First Draft Coffee are the proud, exclusive distributors for The Barn Coffee Roasters in Ireland! For more information about how we can provide your cafe with this excellent coffee & training, please see our Wholesale page.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

Photo courtesy of Vania Ling.

Photo courtesy of Vania Ling.